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We are more than designers, we handle the advertising process in its entirety

We are very pleased to have visit our website and think it is important to explain how we work: We are not a normal design agency; some of our services might seem complex, but others you will find irresistible, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

We specialize in serving entrepreneurs, SMEs and Startups, and as the entrepreneurs that we are, we understand entrepreneurship as a complex process full of learning and evolution, which is why we love to teach. Give advice and workshops for entrepreneurs!

We conceive work as a coherent process of marketing and advertising; a process that is impossible to avoid, but very likely to cause losses if you do not have the correct advice; It is a process by which every business venture will pass or has already passed.

It is important to emphasize: The marketing of your venture is a linear process, a series of steps; that means that they are steps that come one after the other, it is not a list of ingredients that can be put in the order you want; most ventures that do this, do not finish in success.

Here we explain it in a summary form:

This is the way we see the advertising process by which your venture must go through

Step 1: Corporate Identity

Your business venture must have a marketing strategy and a commercial style (a corporate identity) defined: What is sold? How is it sold? To whom is it sold?

Step 2: Corporate Image

Your venture should know with certainty how it wants to be perceived by the market, what emotions and ideals it wants to convey, and must manage a graphical language that allows you to transmit all this in a clean and effective way.

Step 3: The Campaign

Your business venture must conduct its marketing activities grouped in the form of campaigns (a set of coordinated and coherent activities in order to achieve a specific marketing objective). An advertising campaign is framed in time and space, it is determined by the objectives to achieve and has global characteristics that unify and give synergy to all the pieces within it, from flyers to web pages.

Step 4: The Message

All your advertising pieces are communicational pieces; It is vital to first define the message to be transmitted and the information that will be transmitted before designing anything.

Step 5: The Design

Once the previous 4 steps are defined, then it is time to realize the design and production of the necessary pieces to achieve the objectives of your campaign: photos, videos, billboards, flyers, business cards, brochures, web pages, social networks, etc. It is at THIS POINT where you hire a designer.

Step 6: The Evaluation

Every campaign has successes and failures, it is vital to know how to measure them to understand how to proceed in the future and ensure that the investment is safe.

That is why we never recommend making isolated works:

  • It makes no sense to make a piece if you do not know what message you want to convey.
  • You cannot know what message you want to convey if you do not have a specific goal and a defined range of action.
  • You cannot have a range of action without defining a market and...
  • You cannot define a market if you do not have a clear identity and strategy.

We fulfill goals, not fantasies

We perform all work with the global advertising process in mind, everything we do is always present in the "why", the "for what" and "for whom"; hiring Movidagrafica means that you understand and appreciate the advice and counsel of experts in communication, advertising and design whose main priority is the success of your business venture, not pleasing your tastes and personal preferences.

We do not Decorate, we do Graphic Design Advertising.

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on July 17, 2017