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Petrocor AG is a multinational conglomerate based in Zurich, Switzerland. It offers comprehensive solutions for customers around the world in the area of ??the energy industry.

Petrocor AG is a company with a global presence that has a highly trained and experienced team. They are responsible for covering small and large projects, at all levels in the energy industry, covering manufacturing, construction, supervision and maintenance of oil and gas facilities. They needed toA, ensure that these projects meet established time and budgets and environmental labor standards.

Petrocor AG contacted Movidagrafica's team to request a web site design, because they had no online presence, something inconceivable in the business world today.

The result of our work with Petrocor AG was more than satisfactory: A self-administered and responsive website that met the expectations of our customer.


Ir a Petrocor AG
on July 21, 2017